The Mountain Villa

Cozy and personalized multi-family accommodation with spectacular views and Ski-In Ski-Out access.

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Welcome to Fjällvillan! Our personalized and cozy multi-family accommodation with high standards, spectacular views, and Ski-In Ski-Out access.

The house is situated in the prime location on Höglandet (the High Land) with an unobstructed view of Lofssjön (Lake Lofssjön) and Sömlingshångna on the other side of the lake. On beautiful days and evenings, as is often the case in Lofsdalen, you can see all the way to Fjätervålen and Städjan.

Socialize and simply relax

On the lower level, in addition to three bedrooms, there is a spa/relaxation area with a sauna, as well as a room designed for children with board games, video games, and a ping pong table. This floor also features a small bar area with a wine cooler, another bathroom, and a WC.

Of course, laundry facilities including a washing machine, dryer, and drying cabinet are also available.

Starting price during high season: 30,000 SEK per week, including linens, towels, and cleaning.

For more information and price inquiries, please email

See floor plan

Plenty of space for both family and friends

The house spans 235 sqm across 2 floors, featuring 6 bedrooms - 3 with double beds and 3 with bunk beds, providing a total of 14 sleeping spots. There are 2 bathrooms, 1 WC, and a spa/relaxation area with a double shower and sauna facing the southern view, with direct access to a snow bath.

On the entrance floor, you'll find three of the bedrooms, a bathroom, and a spacious open area with comfortable seating, all overlooking the view. This floor also houses a large dining table, a kitchen island where everyone can chip in to cook or simply socialize, and a well-equipped kitchen with dual dishwashers and high-quality kitchen tools. Adjacent to the kitchen is a generous pantry, perfect for neatly storing all your food and beverage supplies.

Ski-In Ski-Out right outside the door

The ski trail down to the lift runs just below the house, so when you're heading to the slopes, you can simply hop onto your skis right outside the ski entrance. Additionally, each guest has their own designated space in the ski entrance to hang ski clothing, helmets, boots, and more. This setup is perfect when everyone is getting ready to head out at the same time.

Kalender 2023/2024

Jul (21/12-28/12) - 45 000 kr - LEDIG

Nyår (28/12-04/01) - BOKAD

Trettonhelg (05/01–08/01) - BOKAD

Vecka 2: 25 000 kr - LEDIG

Vecka 3: 25 000 kr- LEDIG

Vecka 4: 25 000 kr- LEDIG

Vecka 5: 30 000 kr- LEDIG

Vecka 6: 30 000 kr- LEDIG

Vecka 7: 35 000 kr - LEDIG

Vecka 8: 40 000 kr - LEDIG

Vecka 9: 45 000 kr - LEDIG

Vecka 10: 35 000 kr - LEDIG

Vecka 11: 35 000 kr - LEDIG

Vecka 12: 35 000 kr - LEDIG

Vecka 13: 40 000 kr - BOKAD

Vecka 14: 40 000 kr - BOKAD

Vecka 15: 30 000 kr - LEDIG

Floor plan