Christmas buffet beyond the ordinary with classic favorites and modern delicacies

Storstugan julbord 1822

The most delightful Christmas buffet of Härjedalen with everything that belongs to Christmas.

The candles are lit, the decorations in place, and the Christmas spirit is high. Welcome to a cozy Christmas buffet with delicious favorites to suit all tastes and preferences.

At our sister restaurant, Hellas Storstugan, we have been offering a highly appreciated Christmas buffet for several years, and now we are bringing it to Lofsdalen. We present classic and modern delicacies such as homemade herring and sausages, a delightful Christmas ham, slow-cooked pork belly, cured and smoked fish, spiced blood pudding, roasted pumpkin with blue cheese, salt-baked beetroot with blackcurrant vinaigrette and browned butter, and much, much more. Of course, everything is prepared from scratch using local and carefully selected ingredients.

On the dessert table, you'll find all sorts of treats like saffron rice cake, crema catalana, toffee, gingerbread cookies, chocolate truffles, and other sweet delights.

We welcome bookings from both individuals and organizations. You can reserve the Christmas buffet alone or stay overnight and enjoy an equally festive breakfast!

Julbordserbjudande med boende på Fjällhotellet:

Pris från 1485 kr/pers & natt

Paketet inkluderar:
Boende i hotellrum

Julbordserbjudande med boende i Hotellbyn:

Pris från 1377 kr/pers & natt

Paketet inkluderar:
Boende i lägenhet med egenhushåll

Welcome to our Christmas buffet on December 15th, 16th and 24th at 2 PM and 6 PM. We're bringing our popular Christmas buffet from Hellas Storstugan in Stockholm. It will be a delightful blend of classic favorites and modern delicacies." Book here!

Fish & Cold

Brantevik herring

Mustard herring

Sherry pickled herring"

Leek and horseradish herring

Archipelago herring

Herb and lemon-cured herring

Juniper-cured Faroese salmon

Hot-smoked rainbow trout

Pickled perch

Smoked herring salad with beets, eggs, and mustard dressing

Skagen mix with vendace roe

Old man's mix with dark rye bread

Egg royale with hot-smoked cod

Västerbotten tartlet with bleak roe from the Bothnian Bay

Cold cuts

Mustard-glazed Christmas ham

Duck terrine from Munka-Ljungby

Hot-smoked venison sausage

Air-dried pork loin

Liver pâté


Fennel and blood orange salad with roasted almonds

Kale salad with aged Swedish cheese

Apple salad with leeks, horseradish, and roasted hazelnuts.

Salad with roasted carrots, goat cheese, mustard, and honey vinaigrette.

Salt-baked beetroot with blackcurrant vinaigrette

Small hot dishes

The hotel's meatballs

Hellas Christmas sausage with port wine-cooked figs and allspice

Slow-roasted pork belly with soy, ginger, and maple syrup

Blood pudding with smoked side bacon and lingonberries

Janssons frestelse

hole-baked celeriac with smoked butter and hazelnuts

Charred pumpkin with blue cheese

Soy-glazed rutabaga

Baked white cabbage with maple syrup

Sauerkraut with apple

Vinegar-cooked pearl onions


Pressed cucumber

Dill pickle

Apple chutney with ginger


Raw lingonberries

Pickled forest mushrooms

Pickled beets


Pickled Jerusalem artichoke

Västervik mustard

Skeppsholm mustard


Saffron cheesecake with toasted almonds

Rice panna cotta with orange

Crema catalana

Soft gingerbread cake with lingonberries and salted toffee

Chocolate pralines

Vanilla fudge

Chocolate bark"

Swedish artisan cheeses with jam and crispbread

For more information and table reservations for larger parties, please email