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All the apartments in Brf Hotellbyn Renen were sold within a week: Ten charming and well-planned units, right next to both the ski slope and cross-country track, with full access to all the amenities of the mountain hotel. During the fall and the upcoming winter season, we will begin the sale of apartments in Älgen, the building right next door. In total, there will be 20 cozy, slightly smaller apartments, each accommodating 3 or 4 beds. There is great interest, so please sign up HERE if you would like to receive a notification when the sales begin.

To express interest in accommodation in the Hotel Village, please sign up here.
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Your Own Accommodation with Hotel Amenities

With an apartment in the Hotel Village in Lofsdalen, your family can enjoy the best of two mountain worlds: a cozy accommodation where you can do as you please and take things at your own pace. Ski rental, lift systems, and fantastic cross-country tracks are all just a short walk away, and in Lofsdalen, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in both summer and winter.

At the same time, you have full access to the hotel right next door, with a lounge, bar, restaurant, and sauna. It's a natural gathering place where children can play table tennis or watch movies with new friends, where those who want to return from the slopes earlier or have a coffee by the fireplace after breakfast can relax. You can have dinner when you feel like it or stop by for a glass of wine at the bar or a beer on the veranda. The hotel is the perfect meeting point for larger groups on a ski vacation, and when you want to invite family and friends, they receive a discount on accommodation.

Each apartment building forms its own housing association. Today, they are adapted for leisure use, but with a change in plans, permanent residency will also be allowed. When you are not staying in the apartment yourself, we help you rent it out. For those who use the apartment for two weeks in high season and two weeks in low season and rent it out the rest of the time, the accommodation pays for itself.

# Status Storlek Bäddar Pris Avgift PDF
1 Såld 3 ROK, 63kvm 6 3 267 kr PDF
2 Såld 3 ROK, 63kvm 6 3 267 kr PDF
3 Såld 3 ROK, 63kvm 6 3 267 kr PDF
4 Såld 3 ROK, 63kvm 6 3 267 kr PDF
5 Såld 3 ROK, 63kvm 6 3 267 kr PDF
6 Såld 3 ROK, 63kvm 6 3 267 kr PDF
7 Såld 3 ROK, 63kvm 6 3 267 kr PDF
8 Såld 3 ROK, 63kvm 6 3 267 kr PDF
9 Såld 3 ROK, 63kvm 6 3 267 kr PDF
10 Såld 3 ROK, 63kvm 6 3 267 kr PDF

The monthly fee includes all operating costs (heating, household electricity, water and sewage, waste management, property insurance including board liability, financial management, joint property fee, as well as a generous allocation for other expenses such as internet, snow removal, etc.). However, condominium owners need to take out home insurance including condominium insurance coverage separately.

To express interest in accommodation in the Hotel Village, please sign up here.

The Hotel Village

We call the area around Lofsdalen's Mountain Hotel 'Hotel Village.' Here, we plan to build more pleasant multi-story buildings, two and three stories high. Hotel Village will have a diverse style that harmonizes with the existing buildings and the surrounding nature. The architectural expression will be characterized by wood, stone, and greenery.

The vision is a vibrant village that, together with Lofsdalen's Mountain Hotel, forms Lofsdalen's lift and trail-close hub. In the area, we are creating common areas for enjoyment, such as barbecue spots with Sami-style huts, sun decks, and sledging slopes. New buildings will, over time, densify the area to create more of a village atmosphere. Renen is a central part of Hotel Village with its advantageous location next to Lofsdalen's Mountain Hotel. Over time, Hotel Village will expand to the east and northeast, replacing the existing staff barracks with residential buildings.

The Hotel Club

As a apartment owner, you are a priority guest at the hotel and automatically become a member of the Hotel Club. This gives you free access to all of the hotel's spaces and amenities, including the sauna and relaxation areas, ping pong and billiards tables, a movie room for children, the bar, lounge, and sun deck.

Furthermore, you always receive discounts at the restaurant and bar. You will receive invitations and priority access to the hotel's events and activities, and when you have family and friends visiting, they will also receive discounts on accommodation

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