Lofsdalen 4338

We would like to inform you about the rules that apply when you make a booking and/or stay with us. Here, you'll find answers to the most important questions:

  1. Payment Terms

    1.1 The guest pays 20% of the total booking amount upon making the reservation online. Payment of the booking fee confirms the reservation.

    1.2 The guest pays the remaining 80% of the total booking amount no later than 41 days before arrival.

    1.3 The guest pays 100% of the total booking amount immediately if the reservation is made with 41 days or less until arrival.

    1.4 For bookings made via phone or email, an additional fee of 200 SEK is added as an administrative cost.

    1.5 Additional costs incurred during the stay are to be settled before departure.

    1.6 If the guest delays payment, the hotel has the right to charge late payment interest.

  2. Cancellation Terms

    2.1 The guest can cancel their stay up to 41 days before arrival and receive a full refund of the booking value, without specifying a reason.

    2.2 For cancellations made later than 41 days before arrival, the guest will be charged the full value of the booking.

    2.3 Cancellation protection can be purchased at the time of booking for 500 SEK per room. With cancellation protection, the guest can cancel the entire stay up to the arrival day and receive a full refund of the booking value. The guest must be able to provide valid documentation from a doctor or authority to support the reason for cancellation. The cost of cancellation protection is non-refundable.

    2.4 Cancellations must be made in writing.

    2.5 If the guest has booked for a specific period but departs before the end of this period, no compensation will be provided.

  3. Guest Responsibilities

    3.1 It is the guest's responsibility to verify the confirmation and ensure that arrival and departure dates, as well as room type, are correct. Lofsdalens Fjällhotell must be contacted immediately if any details in the booking are incorrect, so that a new correct confirmation can be sent.

    3.2 Additional or different individuals than those listed in the booking are not allowed to stay in hotel rooms or apartments.

    3.3 To book with us, the guest must be at least 18 years old. Identification may be required at check-in. Exceptions may be made by agreement.

    3.4 The guest must ensure they have full insurance coverage during the trip.

    3.5 Between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM, the guest must observe utmost consideration and quietness towards other guests.

    3.6 All keys to the accommodation must be returned at check-out. For keys not returned, the guest will be charged 1,000 SEK per key.

    3.7 If the guest wishes to bring pets, specific rooms are available for booking. No pets are allowed in other rooms. Violation of the pet ban results in a charge of 3,000 SEK.

    3.8 Smoking in the room/apartment incurs a charge of at least 3,000 SEK, depending on the size of the room/apartment. If a fire alarm is triggered due to smoking in the room/apartment or due to other irresponsible behavior, an additional charge of 7,000 SEK will apply.

    3.9 The guest is fully responsible for any damages that occur to the accommodation and its furnishings if the guest or anyone in the guest's party acts recklessly.

  1. Property Responsibility

    4.1 Lofsdalens Fjällhotell assumes no strict liability for property stored in hotel rooms or in the hotel's common areas. If it is determined that employees of Lofsdalens Fjällhotell have acted negligently or otherwise been at fault in the loss or damage of property, Lofsdalens Fjällhotell takes responsibility for the lost/damaged property.

  2. Force Majeure

    5.1 In the event of a strike, natural disaster, war, or other circumstances beyond the control of the provider, Lofsdalens Fjällhotell is entitled to terminate the agreement without any obligation to provide compensation.

  3. Other

    6.1 The current check-in and check-out times are specified in the booking confirmation.

    6.2 The hotel does not have a night porter, so late arrivals must be notified in advance.

    6.3 Guests who have not included departure cleaning must perform the cleaning according to the cleaning instructions and schedule a check-out inspection time with the reception before departure. Inspection times are between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. The accommodation must be emptied and cleaned at the time of inspection. For missing or inadequately performed cleaning, a charge of at least 3,000 SEK will be levied, depending on the size and scope of the accommodation.

    6.4 Guests who have not included departure cleaning can pre-book departure cleaning for an additional fee up to 7 days before arrival.

    6.5 Guests who have not included linens can pre-order linens for an additional fee up to 7 days before arrival.

  4. Breach of Agreement

    7.1 These General Booking Terms and Conditions constitute a part of the agreement between the Guest and Lofsdalens Fjällhotell. The agreement is binding and approved by the Guest upon the Guest's first payment. Lofsdalens Fjällhotell reserves the right to terminate the agreement immediately if the booking conditions are not met, if the guests in the party behave disruptively, if the guests in the party cause damage, or if the accommodation is used for an unintended purpose. In these mentioned cases, the guests in the party must vacate immediately and have no right to receive any part of the paid amount. In cases of destruction or disruptive behavior, Lofsdalens Fjällhotell has the right to demand compensation from the Guest.

  5. Complaints

    8.1 In the event of any complaints, the guest should contact Lofsdalens Fjällhotell directly. Please note that the likelihood of receiving assistance increases if issues are raised as soon as possible. Lofsdalens Fjällhotell is not obligated to provide compensation for errors that are not reported to Lofsdalens Fjällhotell within a reasonable time after the guest has discovered the error. In cases where the guest and Lofsdalens Fjällhotell do not reach an agreement, the General Complaints Board ("Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden") may be contacted.

Unless otherwise agreed, Visitas general terms and conditions apply, see